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Welcome to Equine Country, You come as a horse, Stallions fight to protect their herd and Mares take care of the herds and off spring.
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 ~*~ Let the fighting begin ~*~ (RULES)

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~*~ Let the fighting begin ~*~  (RULES) Empty
PostSubject: ~*~ Let the fighting begin ~*~ (RULES)   ~*~ Let the fighting begin ~*~  (RULES) EmptyMon Nov 24, 2008 6:20 am

~*~ Let the fighting begin ~*~  (RULES) Out_in_The_Fields_by_RevDesktop

This is fighting field where the young and old come to battle it our, stallion on stallion or mare on mare.

1. Stallion on stallion, mare on mare, no mare vs stallion except in war (THIS IS NOT THE BATTLE GROUND)
2. Horses take a post at a time, Eg: me you me you me you, not me me me you me me me
3. If opponent doesn't reply in two days of the challenge they lose
4. NO POWER PLAY, as soon as i see PP i scrap the challenge and the PP member loses automatically.
5. Admin will decide the winner.
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~*~ Let the fighting begin ~*~ (RULES)
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